Our Services

Besides all our great group execrise classes, we also offer special personalised One to One PT training. Adults and Children Zumba® Parties, Footwear and Healthy Living support.

Do you keep telling yourself you need to get in shape or lose weight.

Getting fit shouldn’t have to take over your life. It should help you to enjoy life even more.

If you can fit exercise and nutrition into your life in a realistic way, it becomes a natural part of your ‘me-time’.

Everybody deserves some ‘me-time’.

The best way to achieve this is to work out what’s right for you and you alone. We offer on-going, personal service to help you get fit, lose weight or tone-up.

Fun classes That’s Personalised Fitness.

When you’re enjoying yourself, you are much more likely to stick to a routine and achieve the results you desire.

That’s what Fit by Sonic is about, friendship and a personal service, rather than an intimidating, competitive gym experience.

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