Emma Wild

I started Zumba in April 2011 and from the first class, I just couldn't get enough – and there started my new addiction! Liene and Marina are the perfect team and take every opportunity to make each and every person feel welcomed and encouraged to make the most of each class. Liene's enthusiasm and energy is visible in every single class, with each class feeling more like a party than a work out, making you want to shake your booty even more to burn those calories away – but don't let that lead you in a to a false sense of security – this is a real work out and Liene will work you hard!

After having a bad day, I look forward to nothing more than a Zumba class to put a smile back on my face! Don't worry if you feel you have no rythym, Liene and Marina will take you through the steps and you will pick up the moves quicker than you expect too. I cannot thank Liene and Marina enough for welcoming me into the class, our zumba classes are like little communities.

If you are thinking about joining, all I can say is – STOP THINKING – and come and join a class! You will not regret it – looking forward to the next class already ladies! :o)

Alice Miltia

It’s all about them... the Instructors of course, Marina and Liene. They make exercise fun and enjoyable with absolutely no pressure to get it right - this has done wonders for my fitness and self-confidence. They have got the package down right, having suffered from depression Zumba fitness believed in me. It was that simple dance have a party and get fit!!!

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be all that I am capable of being and for recharging my battery. Equally and perhaps more impressive is there attitude, the style, spirit, emotions, feelings, heart and hard work.

I felt Marina was a great speaker. Thank you for sharing your time, your knowledge and your sense of humor.

Dynamic and very enjoyable!"


I joined Zumba by Sonic on the 6th of January this year. Liene was on holiday's and Marina took the class. Marina really got me sweating. Still I came back for more as  I really,really enjoy her class. I am a big time zumba chick and a regular.
Well done and Congratulation on your 1st year.
May you have many more years to come.

Angela Moore

I met Marina and Liene 4 months ago through their classes and still look forward to the weekly sessions of Zumba. I highly recommended their classes as an effective form of rehabilitation following an injury. The sessions are very professional, their energetic teaching methods have always been warm, fun and encouraging. They gave me the confidence to try new exercises I was never able to do before. Their style of Zumba is unique.

Jay Kania

To do Zumba was my friend’s New Year’s resolution… I had never heard of it before. She dragged me along to the first class and that’s where it all started! At first I loved how much fun you could have while working out, even if you can’t follow and you feel like you’re the only one who doesn’t know the steps - I still wanted more and more. Being curious of other instructors we went to other places, but Zumba by Sonic ruled them all out!
I didn’t need much time to realise what classes with Liene and Marina did to me. Before, I was not able to cope with my daily problems, I was depressed and was looking for any excuse to do nothing, have a drink and have endless amount of cigarettes… My life has changed suddenly. I’ve found joy and every day has become easier than the one before. I am so glad that I got the chance.

I am happy now! I feel like I have started my life again! Liene and Marina are my inspiration and motivation! Thanks to them I am a new person, who enjoys life, who is in love with Zumba and works out every day. Every class is exciting and I can’t get enough! I have even quit smoking, when a number of previous attempts has failed! People who know me are shocked with my amazing progress, me being positive! I couldn’t believe it myself, but yeah, this is happening! I’m not just a happier person, I’m much more fitter! I can see the improvements after every class. 
I’m in control and I love it!
Zumba saved me!
Marina and Liene saved me!
I can’t find enough words to say THANK YOU…

Dani Gordon

I've tried many Zumba classes and by far Zumba by Sonic is one of the best. I have encountered my fair share of excellent teachers. Liene is among the very finest. Don't be fooled by her friendly approach she has real rigour and won't let you get away with anything. That's hugely important with a discipline to have fun.

Much more importantly, Zumba taught by Zumba by Sonic, protects you from the everyday stresses of working with computers, sitting too much and moving too little.

I wholeheartedly recommend Zumba by Sonic.