Sports Massage

Sports Massage is a type of deep tissue massage that works by relaxing the muscles to help improve the range of movement in the joint. This can assist witht he treatment of injury, tension and reduce scar tissue in the muscle.

A gentle sports massage can be relaxing and help improve lympatic flow relieving the body from the build up of toxins. The primary objective of massage is to release muscle tension and work within the client's pain threshold.

Regular massage can improve your quality of life to a great extent, simply by:

massage re fit
  • Improving skin tone and colour with the removal of dead skin cells.
  • Speeding up digestive and waste removal processes
  • Encouraging relaxation and better sleep
  • Treating stiff and overworked joints
  • Improving circulation, thus encouraging better delivery of nutrients and oxygen to cells in the body.
  • Encouraging lymph drainage, resulting in the reduction of water retention and oedema.
  • Relieving muscle fatigue, stiffness and general soreness
  • Relaxing body and mind, reducing stress, tension and anxiety
  • Long term it can improve self esteem, body image and posture.

During your sports massage, Chloe will use a range of strokes and techniques to deliver optimum treatment. This should allow you to experience a sense of deep relaxation, as the massage will above and beyond relax every muscle in your body, reduce your levels of anxiety and ease any feelings of physical and emotional tension.

The first treatment will include a full health consultation, focusing on all health issues and lifestyle to have an accurate idea of the client and presenting conditions.

After Care

Sports massage is a deep tissue massage whch may cause some slight bruising. It is therefore recommended that you drink plenty of water over the following 24 hours.