Sonic Boot Camp

Train like a Warrior. Become a Warrior

What does it mean to be a warrior?

Self Discipline, Mental Agility, Increased Heart Rate, Fitter Cardio Levels,

Power and Quickness to deliver what life throws at you!

Then join Sonic Boot Camp and take control of your LIFE, BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE!

What to Expect

No guts, no glory in this total body workout! The SBC physical fitness program could include an obstacle course, calisthenics, free weights, circuit training, running, stretching, and other’s may have ARMY Corps based exercises.

This creative style fitness guarantees results. A great fitness experience comes compete with Sonic Boot Camp. One 2 One attention and for all  level of fitness. Both male and females are welcome.
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Sonic Boot Camp sessions are held outdoors all year round.

What to Wear

Sports related footwear such as running shoes or cross trainers.
Loose comfortable sports wear.

In the cold weather try to wear a couple of thin layers rather than one thick layer as it’s easier to remove a layer if you get too hot.

You might want to bring some warm gloves and a hat, if it’s hot and sunny then you might want to apply some water resistant sunscreen.

A waterproof or rain resistant jacket is handy for wet sessions.

Change of clothes to go home in as you can get very muddy depending the weather.

Please avoid bringing valuables with you, as we cannot be held responsible for any losses.

Our Guarantee

We are proud to be the leader in fitness boot camps, but more than that, we are proud of our reputation for getting our clients quick results that last, and delivering exceptional value. We are so confident that you will love our program, we guarantee it.

Where & When

Every Saturday
08:00 to 08:45
Streatham Common Park  
Streatham High Road, SW16
Rookery carpark streatham common park


Location & Pricing

Sonic Boot Camp are only £5.00 for members & non members to Fit by Sonic


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