About Willpower and Grace®

It's a synthesis of barefoot physical training, emotion and integrity.

We have been teaching people how to land on their bare feet for over a decade. It will help you walk through the rest of your life - and run barefoot, if that's what you choose.
Through a fusion of evolving exercise disciplines The willPower Method· links the strength, power and desires of your mind with the demands and potential of your body.

Originated in the heart of New York City, in 2000, The willPower Method poses the question:

What if you HAD to?

The instructors will help you find the physical and mental strength to reach your goals.
WillPower programs are based in barefoot-fitness; training bodies functionally from the ground up.
WillPower programs help us to balance and focus while functioning in a highly stimulated world.
Our templated workouts encourage learning through repetition, and exploring individuality through expression.
Our workouts are structured for students of all levels: challenging to athletes and nurturing to newcomers.
We keep our students safe, interested and involved.
We are a movement.
We are a team.

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wpmWhy barefoot?

Over the past three decades, fitness shoe manufacturers have developed advanced technology to cushion and control motion in our feet and ankles. This advanced support does not allow articulation of our joints and soft tissue. We've lost flexibility and mobility and our feet have become stiff and weak over- supporting them.  We’ve disconnected with our feet!

The willPower Method programs have been barefoot in gyms since 2000. We know how to teach students to stretch their toes, and increase circulation and mobility throughout their feet and ankles. We train our clients of all ages  to land on their feet gracefully; reducing pain and injuries in their feet, ankels and knees. It just makes good sense. Soon, you will find increasingly more programs are kicking off their shoes and going barefoot.

wp 2In fact, we have recently partnered with Vibram FiveFingers®, the leaders in minimalist shoes, to help minimalist shoe-wearers to have safer and more efficient experiences when they are wearing a non-support shoe. Stacey Lei Krauss, the creator of The willPower Method, has so much experience with foot fitness, that she has recently joined Vibram's Advisory Board.

We don't suggest that you buy a barefoot shoe today and begin running today. We DO suggest that you stregthen your feet and ankles - essentially wake them up - since they have been bound, cushioned and supported for so long.  We do suggest wearing a minimal shoe like Vibram FF and allowing your body to progressively adjust.
You will need to be aware and feel your feet and lower legs awaken. Once you wake up your feet, your body will be more functional for everyday life in a barefoot-type shoe... and you can even start barefoot running, if you'd like. 

For further infomation see the WillPower website
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