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  • Marina

    Marina has many years of experience in the fitness industry.
    Staying fit and active is her passion above all else. Taking care
    of her body always comes first, as she knows that this is what
    gives her the energy and stamina to perform well in other areas of her life.

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  • Liene

    Liene's amazing passion and zest for life comes across in her all of her Zumba® classes.After spending many years in fitness
    training herself, she moved on to teaching her own classes and is now helping new Zumba® instructors.

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  • Marta

    Marta has been an exercise enthusiast since an early age and passionate about fitness.
    Keeping fit and looking good is high up in Marta's priorities. Marta is eager to deliever classes at our new venue FX Power Gym in September.

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